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Artist Statement

My work seeks to highlight and celebrate the mundane moments of daily intimacy and affection. Through a variety of mediums, with a preference for oil paint, I explore themes of both physical and emotional intimacy. Often using a warm palette, my work is highly emotive and expressive in the use of color and composition. My compositions are snapshots of time spent with people we love collaged together, putting representational art in surreal environments. To emphasize themes of connection and affection I focus on the figure and often use personal reference images of me and my loved ones. 


My biggest influences are Salman Toor, Nan Goldin, and Malcolm T. Liepke, all artists who are concerned with human connection. The sapphic connection and queerness is another big inspiration for my work as my experience as a gender nonconforming person has impacted my life and the relationships I hold and cherish. There is so much beauty in the connection and community queerness has brought to my life and it influences my need to embrace the little moments of love.

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